Email Marketing Automation via Amazon SES: Get on the Waiting List!

Email marketing automation tools are crazy expensive once your contact list starts growing. That is why we are about to launch a solution that will help you save up to 10x on your Email Marketing Automation in comparison to your current tool Email Marketing tool.

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ConvertLoop's Email Marketing Automation via Amazon SES is the latest service we are working on at ConvertLoop, and it will allow you to:

Send Bulk emails

Trigger Email sequences (Drip campaigns)

Send Automatic emails (one-time transactional emails based on behavior)

Create and save unlimited Plain-text email templates

Create and save unlimited Drag and drop responsive email templates

Automate your emails based on your unique visitors' website behavior

Hyper-segment your contacts and web visitors manually and automatically

Integrate your website/blog/landing page forms

Integrate your Facebook and Instagram lead ad forms

Integrate your CRM

No self-hosting or tech skills required so you can stop wasting time maintaining an expensive infrastructure

And much more...

Additionally, all emails are sent from your own Amazon SES account, so you can get the best price in the market and the maximum deliverability for your emails.

If you think you can benefit from cutting your Email Marketing and Automation costs up to 10x, get on the waiting list and we will contact you to try ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation really soon:

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